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Palautumispiste is a company offering massage and recovery services located in Tampere, Hervanta. At your service works trained massage therapist Lasse Muttilainen. I graduated 2015 from sport massage school of Pirkanmaa. In the treatment, both classical and sport massage techniques are used. Also, different physical treatments can be used along with the massage like heat and cold therapy. Each customer gets treatment that is designed to meet their needs. I also offer indian head massages.

Massage can be used to treat different kinds of muscle and soft tissue problems like tightness, injuries or maintaining health of your body. Common problems are soft tissue caused by strain where massage can ease the pain and speed up the recovery. Relaxation can remove anguish, reduce stress or in general improve mood. In overall, massage is good tool for supporting you in sports and is suitable for many, not only for athletes and can be recommended generally to everyone. In some cases, though, it might be better to avoid going for a massage. Cases like these include for example:

Contact and lets plan treatment that suits your needs!

-- Lasse


Select discount from menu below. Discounted price is shown next to the normal price in blue color.

Massage Single price Set (5x)
30 min 30 € 25 € 135 € 115 €
45 min 35 € 30 € 160 € 135 €
60 min 40 € 35 € 30 € 180 € 160 €
75 min 45 € 40 € 205 € 180 €
90 min 50 € 45 € 225 € 205 €
105 min 55 € 50 € 250 € 225 €
120 min 60 € 55 € 270 € 250 €

Season deal Prices
6 h 210 € (35 €/h) 186 € (31 €/h) 174 € (29 €/h)
12 h 360 € (30 €/h) 336 € (28 €/h) 324 € (28 €/h)

There are available one time massages, sets of five and season deals. The price of the massage is based on its length. Payment can be split into parts, if needed. On your first visit, please reserve 15 minutes for review. If you cannot make to the massage remember to cancel it at least day before. Cancelling your reservation on the same day costs 50% of full price and 100% if you do not cancel. In the list below are given some guiding examples how long typical areas require:

Set includes five massage sessions of your chosen duration and lasts 12 months. This gives you about 10% discount. You can combine sessions for single longer one e.g. paying one hour massage sessions with two 30 min sessions but you cannot split them into shorter sessions. Set is not personal so e.g. whole family can use it.

Season deal
In season deal you can split the sessions as you see fit and it lasts 6 months. Only limitation is that single sessions follow the regular format (30-120 min with 15 min steps). Season deal is personal and you cannot use it to pay other people's massages.


You can contact by phone or by email. Phone is often set silent so messages reach better. Whatsapp is available and recommended as primary contact method.

Open: as agreed (mainly working day evenings)
Payment: cash or bill
Phone: +35845 1148174
Address: Fysiikanpolku 7 B 21, 33720, Tampere

Business identity code: 2732659-6
Customer registry: privacy policy (in Finnish)